Little White Dog is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the acquisition and integration of consumer product companies, as well as, the marketing of collectibles and consumer products.  We collaborate with independent firms to strategically acquire symbiotic products and companies to maximize growth (Recent successful acquisition details – Camerons Products, Itzbeen Innovated, Fasta Pasta, CucinaPro, Kuissential, Cook’s Choice).

“Little White Dog has skillfully advised SCS Direct on strategic opportunities that leverage our strengths.  Our recent acquisition of Camerons Products was structured as a true win-win for both companies, went smoothly, and has helped SCS expand into vital areas.  Brian has also stayed involved post transaction to ensure successful integration.  We look forward to working with Little White Dog on additional acquisition opportunities.”    Howard Greenspan, SCS Direct Inc.


Our value proposition is simple, engaging Little White Dog inc should be Net FREE, as your incremental monetary proceeds should significantly exceed our success fee.  Acquisitions:  goal is a pre-tax payback period of under three years (to date, the average payback has been two years).

Little White Dog combines outside the box thinking with analytical strengths and financial acumen to maximize strategic opportunities. Please feel free to contact us at (203) 856-4267 or email directly to

Little White Dog Inc, 13 Flintlock Rd, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203) 856-4267