We have developed over a dozen successful continuities with shipments typically ranging from four to twelve.  Continuities are developed on a one-shot to series basis, with a strong lead product and complementary future shipments.  The initial product is sold on either a direct sale basis or a softer, quasi-free offer.  Continuities have been developed as stand alone products, as well as for upsells to existing marketing campaigns, in order to maximize customer lifetime value.  Continuities have been created as monthly pays (shipping monthly or bi-monthly), as well as split pays.  The typical price point has been approximately $30 per month.

  • Silver Age of Ford
  • Silver Age of Chevy
  • Vintage Trucks
  • Betty Boop Sericels
  • Gold Ornament Collections
  • Doll and Figurine Collections


Customer retention determines the success of continuities.   Obviously the lead product launches the continuity, but it is vital to focus on perfecting the positioning of the secondary product.  The retention drop-off from the first shipment to the second will ultimately determine the profitability of the overall continuity.  The second shipment is critical to both one-shot to series as well as straight collections.  A 5% drop in shipment two can lead to a drop in overall retention of a ½ shipment.  It is imperative that subsequent shipments ship without delays and their quality must mirror the lead shipment.