We specialize in short form (one minute and two minute) Direct Response Television.  DRTV is the ultimate analytical marketing, as it has the power to ramp up quickly, and effectively drive a multitude of channels (TV, internet, retail).  We have broken DRTV below into three categories –  Collectibles, Mass Market and Horticulture, as each category requires a different approach.


We have proudly created and marketed hundreds of collectibles ranging from Coins, Die-cast Cars and Pickups, Dolls, Gold Ornaments, Plates, Sculptures, Two-Dollar Bills and Licensed Sericels.  A collectible is a niche product, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

We have been fortunate to achieve a high success rate for collectibles. While its true that collectible hits are smaller than mass market items, collectibles typically have a higher revenue per order and offer greater individual lifetime value.

Below is a partial list of collectibles we helped develop:

Mass Market

Direct Response TV is ideal for mass market products, as strong analytical skills combined with the willingness to continuously test/expand opportunities, allows one to ramp products quickly and efficiently.  Mass market products are the most challenging to get to succeed, but are also the most rewarding as they leverage the symbiotic relationship of efficient TV campaigns with the retail marketing channel.

Once a program achieves initial success, it is vital to continually test new creatives, offers, as well as, media markets.  Direct response allows you to A/B continually test against your control to continuously optimize your program.

We have been involved with developing or marketing the following:


Horticulture has done well on direct response television, but differs greatly from collectibles or mass market products.  Horticulture is seasonal, typically beginning on television in February, with increasing frequency through the end of May, then tailing off marketing in June.

We have been involved with creating and marketing over a dozen horticulture spots including: