A collectible is a niche product; this has its advantages and disadvantages.  I have found a success rate for collectible television spots of better than 1 in 4 while successful mass market spots range from 1 in 20 to 1 in 40+.  Collectibles will never do the overall sales of a mass market product, however, product niches can often be targeted very successfully.  For the Obama Presidential Coins, one individual station accounted for 50,000 customers.

Programming also is more impactful on a niche product.  On a recent campaign, spots airing on a profitable station did 2.5x to 3x when the spot ran on a program that was related to the genre of the collectible and over 7x when the programming concerned the actual subject matter of the product.  Typically it was only an additional 10% expense to make sure that we aired during specific shows.

Niche products require more of an exacting pinpoint rather than shotgun approach.  They do not offer the retail opportunity, however niche product customers have a higher lifetime value, as they often continue to purchase similar products in the future.  Niche products do not offer the home-run potential of a mass market product, but they definitely offer a better batting average.