Little White Dog takes an analytical approach to improve all aspects of marketing campaigns, from product development through roll-out and fulfillment.  We also design new products (Obama coin story) and offers, maximizes upsell streams, develop and implement media plans, as well as, analyze and optimize back end profitability.

“Little White Dog worked with us each step of the way.  From collaborating on TV scripts and post-production, setting up telemarketing, designing TV media plans, analyzing results and rolling-out where applicable.  Brian is dedicated and detail-oriented.  He monitors results extremely closely and is available 24 hours a day.”    Jerry Gladstone, Pop Culture Vault

We are passionate about what we do and very direct in our approach.  If we are not the right fit for your project, or another company is better suited, we will provide appropriate contacts.

DRTV Front-end Campaign Planning & Management:

Creative Development:

  • Television Script Copy
  • IVR Scripts

Management of third-party service providers:

  • IVR and Telemarketers
  • Ecommerce providers
  • Fulfillment services

DRTV Back-end Campaign Planning & Management:

In our opinion, back-end campaign management is often not maximized, even in many successful direct response campaigns.  The optimizing of the back-end can have the single most important positive impact on the bottom line.

Direct Mail Marketing Plan Development and Execution:

Direct Mail may be viewed as dying medium, but we believe that direct mail actually is an under-utilized channel.  Determining the proper segmentation of lists to mail is challenging, as mailing costs continue to increase, but actual response rates are strong as individual mailboxes are far less cluttered than they were years ago. Little White Dog can work with information aggregators to model your data to optimize mailings.  We can design your mail plans, oversee their execution and analyze results.

Previous Engagements:

  • Niche Quarterly Catalog Mailings (circulation 500k per drop)
  • Annual Horticulture Catalog Mailings and Remails (circulation 2,000,000)
  • 6 x 9 Continuity Mailings (average circulation 450k)