Do you BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) or give a different item away as the freebee?  Every DRTV offer needs to be tested to find the optimal approach and the economics of the item can effect how you create your offer.  As a starting point, for short form mass market $20 or under items, BOGO has proven strongest as it gives the TV viewer psychologically the best price, while giving maximum retail flexibility.  For child items, I stay away from the BOGO, as a BOGO cuts down on multiples, thereby hurting your RPO (Revenue Per Order) as parents typically buy one item per child.

For collectible or niche products, I have found that a second similar item as the freebee works best, rather than a BOGO.  This is stronger than simply doubling the original offer, as the similar bonus item decreases the customer’s cost per item, but does not cheapen or lessen the exclusivity of the original item.  This also allows for the depiction of a second strong visual image of the event.  For Horticulture I have had success with buy 2 get 1 free as well as giving away a second similar item.  Both approaches have achieved a higher RPO than the BOGO, due to upsell multiples.  As always, the answer is to test, test, test.