We had previously designed six different die-cast car continuities, and were designing a new series.  To launch a new continuity, we would give away the lead car with purchase of two other cars.  The lead car was typically the strongest, best-known car in the collection.  We tried to improve the quality and detail of each successive continuity.  We wanted to give the customer more, while not increasing our production or development costs.

The lead car in this new continuity was the 1953 Corvette, beautiful polo white with red interior, the first Corvette made.  The car looked great as a sleek convertible or as a sporty ragtop.  We even argued which photo would look best as the brochure cover shot.  We designed the die-cast model to have a removable top, which  gave us the best of both worlds, and allowed the customer to display this legendary car as either a convertible or ragtop.  Our development and product costs were virtually unaffected, and the dual displays made for fantastic photographs in the brochure.  The response rates for the new continuity were the highest we had seen in several years, in my opinion, because we were able to give the customer more without increasing the price.