How often do you use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri?  In our house, we converse with Alexa multiple times a day for music and speaking to Alexa has become quite natural.  We do not yet utilize Alexa in other day to day applications yes, but it feels like, over time voice will become the natural interface for many applications.  The Graphical User Interface is the way everyone has interacted with computers for the last forty years and still likely controls 99% of the market versus only a minimal amount for the Voice User Interface.  However, it seems pretty obvious that VUI share will grow at the expense of GUI in the near, as well as further out, future.  Often the best way to learn is by doing, therefore in my quest for continuous learning, I set out to create an Alexa Skill (app).

My first Alexa skill is What Occurred First, a simple, challenging app testing your knowledge of history, in a fun, slightly addictive manner.  Alexa asks questions such as, What Occurred First, Aaron Burr fatally wounded Alexander Hamilton in a duel or The Louisiana Purchased was signed?  The US Constitution was written in Philadelphia or The French Revolution?  What Occurred First, the Pony Express began or the New York Times was founded?  The answers may surprise you.  How many can you get correct in a row?

I enjoyed creating the game and would love to hear comments.  To check out What Occurred First, go to Amazon, and type in ‘What Occurred First Alexa’, click ‘Enable’, then ask “Alexa open What Occurred First” or use the following link:  then click ‘Enable’ and ask “Alexa open What Occurred First”.

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What Occurred First?