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How often do you use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri?  In our house, we converse with Alexa multiple times a day for music and speaking to Alexa has become quite natural.  We do not yet utilize Alexa in other day to day applications yes, but it feels like, over time voice will become the natural interface for many applications.  The Graphical User Interface is the way everyone has interacted with computers for the last forty years and still likely controls 99% of the market versus only a minimal amount for the Voice User Interface.  However, it seems pretty obvious that VUI share will grow at the expense of GUI in the near, as well as further out, future.  Often the best way to learn is by doing, therefore in my quest for continuous learning, I set out to create an Alexa Skill (app).

My first Alexa skill is What Occurred First, a simple, challenging app testing your knowledge of history, in a fun, slightly addictive manner.  Alexa asks questions such as, What Occurred First, Aaron Burr fatally wounded Alexander Hamilton in a duel or The Louisiana Purchased was signed?  The US Constitution was written in Philadelphia or The French Revolution?  What Occurred First, the Pony Express began or the New York Times was founded?  The answers may surprise you.  How many can you get correct in a row?

I enjoyed creating the game and would love to hear comments.  To check out What Occurred First, go to Amazon, and type in ‘What Occurred First Alexa’, click ‘Enable’, then ask “Alexa open What Occurred First” or use the following link:  then click ‘Enable’ and ask “Alexa open What Occurred First”.

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What Occurred First?

Tenth Successful Transaction Sourced by Little White Dog inc for SCS Direct Inc in the Past Four Years

Little White Dog inc is honored to announce the addition of Cooks Choice to SCS Direct’s Housewares portfolio.  Cooks Choice, creator of numerous innovative products for grilling and home cooking, should be strong fit in SCS Direct’s growing housewares brands.  SCS looks forward to continuing the longstanding relationships Cooks Choice has developed since its founding in 26 years ago.

Little White Dog is proud to have worked with SCS Direct on its acquisitions of Cook’s Choice, Bentology, Kuissential, CucinaPro, SVAN, MD Essentials, Fasta Pasta, Itzbeen Innovated, Camerons Products and FlyeBaby.  Little White Dog continues to search for additional strategic partners with proprietary, quality products and strong retail distribution that can enhance SCS Direct’s platform.

Little White Dog is proud to announce SCS Direct Inc’s acquisition of Fasta Pasta.  This is the third transaction Little White Dog inc has sourced for SCS Direct in the past twelve months.  The official press release is below:

SCS Direct Inc Acquires Fasta Pasta – The Award-Winning Original Microwave Pasta Cooker

Fasta Pasta Joins the SCS Direct Inc Line of Revolutionary Products

Fairfield CT (PRWEB) September 25, 2014

Fasta Pasta – the original microwave pasta cooker was recently acquired by SCS Direct Inc., a consumer products company based in Milford, CT. Fasta Pasta perfectly cooks Al Dente spaghetti, fettucini, linguini, macaroni and lasagna quickly in any microwave. In fact, Fasta Pasta was recently awarded best microwave pasta cooker by Cooks Illustrated, August 2014, beating out products costing two and a half times as much. In addition, Fasta Pasta has been featured on dozens of TV shows including Rachel Ray.

Fasta Pasta cooks pasta quicker and better, with less mess, than boiling noodles in a pot. It saves time, energy, and is easy to use. Simply fill to the marked water line, add pasta, and in half the time of boiling, your pasta is perfectly cooked. Fasta Pasta is also great for rice, ramen noodles and perfectly steamed vegetables. The Fasta Pasta Original Microwave Cooker can be found at specialty cooking stores and

SCS Direct proudly offers award-winning lines of household products, including Camerons Products, Good Cooking, Deco, and Simple Cups. “When Fasta Pasta was introduced years ago, it revolutionized pasta making for the busy family, ” notes Howard Greenspan. “We are thrilled to offer this award winning product as part of our growing product line.”

The Fasta Pasta transaction was sourced and negotiated by Little White Dog Inc based in Norwalk, CT ( Fasta Pasta is SCS Direct’s third successful transaction in the previous twelve months, including Camerons Products and Itzbeen Innovated. Little White Dog continues to search for additional strategic partners with proprietary, quality products and strong retail distribution that can enhance SCS Direct’s platform.

SCS Direct Inc. is a product development company and creator of best selling brands that include: Flyebaby, Ride Along Dolly, Simple Cups, Deco, Good Cooking and numerous others. SCS products are featured in countless independent stores and many mass retailers including Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, William Sonoma, BJs Warehouse, ToysRus, and more.

SCS Direct Inc Acquires Itzbeen Innovated Inc

Creator of the Pocket Nanny – The Award Winning Gadget Making Life Easier For Thousands of New Parents

Itzbeen Innovated Inc, developer of the award winning Itzbeen Pocket Nanny, was recently acquired by SCS Direct Inc, a consumer products company based in Milford, CT.  The Itzbeen Pocket Nanny is a simple to use, must for have item for parents of newborns and has won a prestigious JPMA Innovation Award, as well as the iParenting Media Award for Best New Product.

The Pocket Nanny has helped thousands of sleep-deprived parents remember important baby care tasks.  This clever device keeps track of when baby last napped or ate or had a diaper change, so new parents do not have to rely on their memory.  It features one-touch timers that count up since the last changing, feeding, napping, as well as, optional alarms and a soft glow nightlight. The Pocket Nanny can be found at Amazon, Babies-R-Us, buybuyBaby and numerous other retailers.

“I look forward to seeing the next chapter of Itzbeen unfold and do great things with SCS Direct,” stated Greg Sheldon, founder of Itzbeen Innovated.  “I’m also looking forward to developing future products together.”

The merger of Itzbeen Innovated with SCS Direct Inc strengthens the growing baby product sector that SCS has been building over the past several years, including Little Sprout Feeding Cups, Flyebaby infant airplane seat, and the Lullaby Light Cube portable Travel Soother.  “We can’t wait to see what the future holds,” beams SCS Direct Owner Howard Greenspan.  “It’s a terrific partnership and introduced many mutually beneficial synergies for both companies.”

The Itzbeen Innovated Inc. transaction was sourced and negotiated by Little White Dog Inc based in Norwalk, CT (, the exclusive M&A representative of SCS Direct.  Little White Dog continues to search for additional strategic partners with proprietary, quality products and strong retail distributions that can enhance SCS Direct’s platform.

SCS Direct Inc. is a product development company and creator of best selling brands that include:  Flyebaby, Ride Along Dolly, Simple Cups, Deco, Good Cooking and numerous others.  SCS products are featured in countless independent stores and mass retailers such as William Sonoma, BJs Warehouse, Bed Bath and Beyond, ToysRus and many more.


link to official press release

We are selling a portfolio of over 25 premium eCard domain names, including,,, four national holidays and several religious holidays.  Annual revenue for the online greeting cards industry is $4 billion, yet no company currently has a dominant share. and were run as free greeting card sites from 2005 through 2009 (membership was available in 2005 and 2006) on virtual autopilot with no marketing expenses.  During that period, the sites generated $1.2 million in revenue mainly from advertising.  These sites have been owned by the same owner for fifteen years.  They are currently held as an investment and we are looking to monetize the portfolio.  We are also open to creative joint ventures.  Please contact Brian Dunn at 203-856-4267 to discuss or email

eCard Domain Name Portfolio:


Please contact Brian Dunn at 203-856-4267 to discuss or email

There has been significant recent growth in the online greeting card industry, while the brick and mortar greeting card industry has contracted. Online greeting card revenue has grown 19.5% per year for the past five years (2007-2012), including 17.2% in 2012.   However, over the same period, growth of the brick and mortar greeting card industry has contracted at 5.4% annually.

Note:  The Domain Portfolio will be sold as one lot.  Domain names are being sold without any of the code or content that may be on the site.

Hanukkah is the most popular spelling of the holiday (117 million search results in Google.  Chanukah displayed 1.5 million search results in Google).

Additional Info

  • The popularity of online cards has surged, with sales of electronic cards — or custom printed ones ordered online — totaling $3.5 billion in 2012 from just $65 million a decade ago.
  • Over the five years to 2013, industry concentration has decreased. The top three industry players account for 83.3% of revenues but the established operators (like Hallmark and American Greetings) are facing mounting competition from new entrants. Small niche companies have room to grow in this currently unsaturated marketplace.
  • The Online Greeting Card Sales industry is expanding rapidly as consumers shift to online shopping and e-cards. An increasing number of broadband and mobile internet connections has helped facilitate consumer access to online greeting card retailers. Additionally, the industry provides consumers with convenient and often more affordable alternatives to brick-and-mortar greeting card retailers. During the next five years, technological advancements will continue to prop up industry expansion. Rising internet and mobile access will enable more consumers to buy greeting cards online, and industry marketing will attract consumers through social media and mobile applications.
  • The increased use of technology will continue to adversely affect the brick and mortar retail greeting card industry. Consumers are increasingly using e-cards, e-mail and social networking sites.
  • Hallmark Cards Inc and American Greetings together control 85% of the brick and mortar greeting card market in the US.


From the Greeting Card Association

  • Annual retail sales of greeting cards are estimated between $7 and $8 billion.
  • Americans purchase approximately 7 billion greeting cards each year.
  • 9 out of 10 American households purchase greeting cards.
  • Greeting cards are divided into two broad categories – Seasonal and Everyday cards.  Total card sales are split approximately 50-50 between these two categories.
  • Women purchase an estimated 80% of all greeting cards. Women spend more time choosing a card than men, and are more likely to buy several cards at once.
  • Seven out of 10 card buyers surveyed consider greeting cards “absolutely” or “almost” essential to them. Eight out of 10 of these buyers expect their purchases to remain the same going forward. Of the balance, twice as many card buyers say they will “increase” their purchasing as say they will “decrease” their purchasing in the coming year.
  • Younger card buyers and those who are more technology savvy are currently the ones most engaged in buying paper greeting cards online.
  • Most people now acknowledge many more birthdays than ever before because of Facebook, but they aren’t necessarily sending fewer cards as a result.
  • The tradition of giving greeting cards as a meaningful expression of personal affection for another person is still being deeply ingrained in today’s youth, and this tradition will likely continue as they become adults and become responsible for managing their own important relationships.


Most popular everyday cards: Most popular seasonal cards:
Birthdays 60% Christmas 60%
Anniversary 8% Valentine’s Day 25%
Get Well 7% Mother’s Day 4%
Friendship 6% Easter 3%
Sympathy 6% Father’s Day 3%

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Little White Dog Inc is please to announce the strategic acquisition of Camerons Products, a leading wholesaler of Barbeque and Smoking accessories based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, by SCS Direct Inc.  Camerons Products has sales relationships with nearly 6,000 outlets and has developed barbeque and smoking accessories since 1986.

SCS Direct Inc., a rapidly growing consumer products company, retained Little White Dog Inc ( as its exclusive M&A representative to search for a strategic partner with proprietary, quality products and strong retail distribution.  Little White Dog Inc began the search in March, 2013 with a preliminary look at thousands of companies, followed by a deeper dive into several hundred before finding suitable candidates. Camerons Products strong reputation and extensive distribution network built over 25 years by Chris and Ann Malone, is an optimal strategic fit for SCS Direct Inc.  In addition, Chris’ and Ann’s expertise will add tremendous value to the SCS platform.

SCS Direct Inc ranked #296 (#14 in retail) on the 2012 Inc 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies.  SCS Direct Inc is please to welcome Chris and Ann Malone, as well as Camerons Products other employees to SCS.

Below is a link to the official PR:

SCS Direct Inc. Acquires Camerons Products

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